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Aug. 8, 2021

Sumera S

Sumera S
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Sumera SHARES her recovery journey with us as she explains the complexities of being raised in a western country while dealing with the daily influence and culture of being raised by a family with an Indian background. The mishmash of cultures was difficult for her to process as a child and culminated in her escaping an arranged marriage with the help of the British Consulate and a stranger she meet at a call center. Her alcohol use increased as she entered young adulthood and progressed to a cascade of negative consequences years later. She experienced blackouts and the loss of jobs and finally arrived at the general feeling that something was wrong with her, even though she had no idea what it was. Her entrance into recovery was swift and beautiful. Her love of the AA program and helping others is strong and inspiring. Her future looks bright and she has embraced 12-step sobriety for all its worth. She also tells us about her love for the arts and baking. You may see her soon on the Food Network if things go according to plan and it is meant to be. Please enjoy this super charged episode of recovery and you will hear how Sumera carries herself today as a loving, kind, compassionate, and tolerant woman.