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Thank you!

I am someone who has not yet attended AA meetings - this may have been the gift I needed for inspiration to find my group. Host is smooth and easy to listen too.. thoughtful questions and great quality pod.

Love this podcast!

I don’t have Facebook, but I’m here listening since January and all caught up. Today I have 28 days sober. Thanks for being you. I’m in San Diego and every time you share a little about getting clean in SoCal, I feel more and more connected to exactly where I am. In gratitude, B


This show SAVED MY LIFE! So healing and raw truth. I AM GOING TO DONATE NOW TO KEEP IT AD FREE!

Wonderful 12 Step Stories

Wonderful and relatable shares of 12 step work. The way the host and guest interact just makes the time fly. Will listen to all of them!


LOVE THIS SHOW AND HOST! Please keep them coming!


I LOVE this show. Helps Me in my sober journey daily. AA Meeting and Sober Shares power my daily walks.

Great Podcast!

Love listening to this podcast- my schedule can be erratic and I drive for work, so plugging into this podcast gives me all the joy and gratitude 🙏🏼

Simply the best!

Thank you for sharing such amazing, vulnerable, courageous, and awe-inspiring life stories of hope, redemption and most of all freedom!

This helped me get to one year sober!

I love this podcast! I will often listen to it when I am at the gym in the morning. I just celebrated one year sober and this podcast bring me serenity when I am feeling restless, irritable, and discontent. I plug in and remember that the feelings I am having are normal and I am not unique. But there is a solution and that solution is to hear someone else's experience strength and hope. Thank you Mike and to all the speakers for helping me stay sober!


Content and sound quality is TOP NOTCH. The BEST guests and host. LISTEN NOW AND YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Nice podcast keep me up👍

Excellent 12-step recovery interviews! Real life stories that anyone can relate to. So much fun to hear the answers to each thoughtful question.

What An Awesome Find

Hi Michael - I stumbled upon your podcast by accident on Spotify while looking for "speak tapes"...what an awesome find. I have now listened to every eposode and going back through again. I have gotten a lot of good inspiration and information from your guests but have to say that I mostly relate to GP. I have now been sober for 14 months after 35 years of drinking. Keep up the good work!


These are amazing stories of recovery and so inspiring to hear. I am on episode 15 and can't stop. I laugh, smile, cry and get hope to go on with my recovery with minute that goes by on these podcast. Please keep them coming Michael and keep up the great work. You and your great are awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you and see you soon.

Thank you for this pod!

I needed this podcast. Love it! Thank you. ❤️

Keepin' the Plug In The Jug

Its amazing. No other words to describe it. During my very early days and hours of sobriety, this brought me back from a very dark & lonely place. I thank God every day for showing me this podcast. I sent a voice recording to you as well, so I hope you got my follow up! Thanks again for everything Mike.

Food Four The Hungry

I absolutely love this podcast. I love every single story told. The ability to relate, cry, laugh, and feeeeeellll these stories just makes me feel whole again. I can’t express how much I look forward to new episodes.

Five months sober

I discovered this podcast when I got sober and it has helped me so much hearing that I’m not alone and a lot of the guests have had the same experiences as me. Thank you Michael! Sending love from Las Vegas.

Great podcast!

Mike is a fantastic host, making the guests feel very comfortable to open up and get vulnerable to speak truth! The stories are powerful and inspiring! Thank you for this podcast!

Love it

Best show ever!

Insightful & Inspirational Sober Discussions

So far I’m learning a lot from these podcasts. The guests have all had a depth of sobriety experience to share. The interviewer asks some fantastic questions. I’ve learned some great tips and resources to keep program fresh and strong. Thanks!


Thank you so much for creating my new favorite podcast. These episodes have been so helpful for me to get through some dark days and sleepless nights recently. Thank you for your humility and service Michael, and thank you to all who gave their time to share their experience, strength and hope with me.

A++++ Podcast

I'm so blessed to have stumbled onto this podcast. All of the guest speakers have been wonderful and the host comes across as a very humble man who is also quite funny when expounding on his own life's story. A++++ podcast.


REAL TALK on alcohol and drug addiction recovery. I’ve learned so many useful tools to stay sober. THANKS!


This podcast helps me to understand the deeper meanings of long term sobriety. The guests and host are super on-point with the AA message.

Keep it Simple

Excellent 12-step recovery interviews! Real life stories that anyone can relate to. So much fun to hear the answers to each thoughtful question.

Amazingly Inspiring Podcast Full of Hope

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this podcast! The moderator leads the podcast without ego and with a heart for helping individuals find recovery, peace, joy, and their best life!


These interviews are so interesting and the host knows this material very well. I have learned so many recovery tools by listening to each guests sober life experiences.

Great Podcast for real people

This is a great podcast on real people with testimonies on sobriety. Powerful stories that can help people who are struggling!


What a blessing to hear these recovery stories! Real talk from recovering addicts. So much depth and texture. More episodes please!!!!!!

Brave new experience

What a great start to this series. Thank you Michael!