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Oct. 3, 2021

Stephanie Crawford

Stephanie Crawford
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Stephanie SHARES her story of being a young woman in recovery who is doing the work to stay sober and help others on a daily basis. We discuss step one and what that looks like in the real world as a young person who is out there hustling and doing whatever it takes to survive. Stephanie has always been a seeker and she explored many faiths as a child looking for something to soothe her. She was alway trying to fill a GOD shaped hole in her life and was not able to fully do so until she got sober. We talk about being a single mother in recovery and how the balance between family, work, and sobriety takes help from others to make it happen. One of the most powerful statements she made in regard to whole family recovery was "THAT IT IS AS IMPORTANT FOR ME TO BE CONSISTENTLY PRESENT AS I WAS CONSISTENTLY ABSENT". We discuss dating and sex in sobriety and how much information is in the recovery literature to teach us about this important topic. This is a long interview and it may take you a few sittings to hear it all, but please stay with it because Stephanie brings a massive amount of great information to this episode. My favorite part of the interview was when we talked about how our addictions blocked us off from the sunlight of the Spirt and how we suffered from that, and in return when we got sober the things that blocked us off from that power were removed and we began to live again. That is when she made a statement which I will always remember. She told me, "IT IS NOT LIKE I HAVE MORE GOD IN ME TODAY, IT IS JUST THAT I HAVE LESS OF ME". In other words, her higher power has ALWAYS been there for her and she just had to learn how to access it via a spiritual experience.