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Jan. 27, 2022

Patrice Olootu

Patrice Olootu
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Patrice SHARES her 3 years of sobriety with us and explains how alcohol almost destroyed her. Her drinking really took off during her college days and made it hard for her to concentrate on school or much else other than drinking. Her drinking progressed quickly and she decided to get married and have kids soon after her drinking escalated. Patrice did not believe she had a problem with drinking for a very long time because she was being a wife, having kids, and working at a good job. Soon after her last child was born things began to get harder to hold together. Loss of jobs, encounters with the police and frequent blackouts soon became a problem and made life very difficult. She decided to leave her family so she could drink the way she wanted to and deserted them for a time. Her family, law enforcement, and employers all noticed that she was an alcoholic long before she did. As her life came crashing down around her in 2012 she decided to seek help to try and get sober. That attempt a sobriety failed because she was not ready quit and was only seeking help to try and not get fired from a job. She began to drink soon after treatment and lasted a few more years on the active drinking plan. After a few more years of pain and drinking, The Magdalen House was her starting point and her entry way into a new life, the she moved onto the 24 hour club and long term sober living after that. She as just recently returned home to her family as a sober mom and wife after 2.5 years of living in structured sober living housing in the North Texas ares. Please listen to this entire episode and hear a strong Texas woman tell us how her addiction to alcohol almost killed her and how she has overcome that with the help of God, AA, Sober living homes, and her loving family and friends. This is a true recovery miracle story!