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Jan. 13, 2022

Leslie K

Leslie K
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Leslie SHARES her 16 months of sobriety by telling us about getting sober DURING the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020. She explains that she believes she may have already been an alcoholic long before alcohol ever touched her lips. She has always been a seeker and that seeking is the reason she found alcohol and fell in love with it. Alcohol was fun and magical for many years until it turned on her and almost destroyed her. Leslie lived a double life for a long time and food was her first addiction, a few years later alcohol and drugs took on a larger roll in her life. Leslie survived a physical assault by an acquaintance that scared her and only increased her alcohol and drug use. Leslie realized she may have a problem with alcohol when she entered law school. As her drinking escalated Leslie was confronted by her younger brother who suggested Alcoholics Anonymous. As the pandemic raged and the world began to shut down, so did she. Her use of alcohol, food, and drugs went off the charts. She reached out for help and found it via her family and her Higher Power. Please listen to this story of healing and redemption and how being a sober mom is one of the biggest rewards she has been blessed with since getting sober.