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Oct. 21, 2021

Krista M

Krista M
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Krista SHARES her 25 years of sobriety and takes us on a journey though her life story. We learn about the early years of her drinking and how she could feel the fear leaving her body as she drank. The alcohol was a great comfort to her during the early years of her addiction. She remembers being able to breath, relax, and deal with life for the first time as she got drunk. Her drinking history was full of things that damaged her life and relationships towards the end of her active addiction. She talks about wanting to control everything and everyone. AA taught her to be sober and spiritual and Al-anon taught her how to be happy. During the early days of her recovery she asked a bunch of old-timers how she was going to stay sober for the upcoming weekend. They told her to pray. Krista said, “That will never work”. But she tried it anyway and she has been on a spiritual quest ever since. Krista placed herself in the middle of AA and has never left. Her sponsor has helped her recover in every area of her life and as Krista works with her sponsees she is able to stay focused and sharp in her program. She explains how her sponsor delivers feedback and perspective with the scalpel of truth and the antiseptic of love. She has allowed others to get to know her in the program which has helped release her shame of the things she did while drunk. When Krista is working with a new girl she allows herself to become a vessel or open channel for her Higher Powers love and forgiveness. Because when the love comes through you and flows into another person you get to experience it first, and that is the magic of AA. All you get is all you give, so give it all you got!