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Nov. 22, 2021

Jennifer Huddleston-Kelley

Jennifer Huddleston-Kelley
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Jennifer SHARES her life story with us as explore what long term sobriety looks like. We explore her drinking career and pin point the time she began to drink against her will. We cover dating in AA and how that worked out for her. Jennifer talked about how she has grown closer to her God via the growth opportunities of living life on life terms. We explore the dangers of sponsoring yourself and why that’s not a good idea. God continues to meet her where she is on a daily basis and gives her the power to move forward and help others. Connection to others is a key component to her sobriety and how she stays close to her higher power. I know this is large episode, please listen to the whole thing even though it may take you several sitting to make it happen. It is packed with solid information that will enlighten you.